The Best Safehouse Spots in Zomboid

Welcome! In this guide, I’ll be telling you my personal favorite safehouse spots and why I chose them. I’ll mention a couple for every map part. 

Isolated Forest house

Located in north east of the map, this is a pretty good safe spot with a rail yard to the south, trailer park to the north, and mold rod to the west. Overall, it’s a really safe spot with no zombies around in a forageable forest.

Suburban area

This is a really good safe house spot because it’s safe. No zombie spawns in this area at least in the first early part of the game. You have a lake to the east for a fishing spot and the infinite water source. Lots of good loose spots like warehouses and other houses make this a pretty good early game choice.

Forest house

Located southeast of muldraw, this is a pretty safe option in the forest.
The Best Safehouse Spots in Zomboid It has no well though, so you can only go there if you’re prepared and have a lot of food. Getting there is pretty simple. You go to the corner over here on this road and you just hold smy.

North farm

Previously my favorite spot was the north farm. It’s close to the mold rod, not too far away and still a safe spot. You get tons of loot when you get there, as well. It has a tool shed, a chicken coop, and a few more houses around it close to the main part of mold rot and the warehouses. You also have a lot of houses to loot to the south, making it a overall a pretty good spot to set up base.

Southwest point

If you go to the southeast of the town, you’ll find these two villas.

The Best Safehouse Spots in Zomboid
They have a medium amount of zombies around them, but if you can clear them out, these houses are really defensible. Further away from town, you have forageable forests around and a pretty good spot. You have a big house and a two shed over here to the south. Plus, you’re close to the school, which is a really good loot spot. There are also a lot of houses nearby, making this overall a good spot.


Riverside is full of very good safe house spots. One of them is this suburban area over here to the south of school. You have good loot spots around, lots of houses, the school, and north downtown. Not a lot of zombies spawn in the suburban area, but you might have to kill a few hordes now and then.

The Best Safehouse Spots in Zomboid
Overall, if you can get it cleared up, you will have a really good safe house over there.

Also to the east, if you go to the gated community, you will see that there are these three houses to the south. They’re really defensible with a really low zombie count. If you can clear them out, you have a free safe house spot with three houses. Two of them have fireplaces, and you have a river down south, making this one of my favorite safe house spots in Riverside.

Rest area

If you want a safe house a little bit further away from town, you can go west. There are a lot of houses on the way, but they have a lot of zombies, so it’s not recommended to stay for long. The rest area itself has three buildings: a shop, a restaurant, and a bar. The shop has a little apartment over it, making it a really good safe house spot.

The Best Safehouse Spots in Zomboid
Not a lot of zombies are around, and you also have a gas station to the south. Overall, it’s a really good safe house spot if you can kill all the zombies around.

Trailer park

If you ever spawn in a trailer park, it’s a pretty dangerous spawn point. But if you can grab some loot and go south, you’ll find this river. Follow it and you’ll find this house and warehouses. It’s a really good safe house spot. You have a town nearby to loot and a lot of farms around. Overall, it’s a pretty good safe house spot since you have forageable forests and a river.

West point

West point is not really a safe town, but there are still some good safe house spots.

The Best Safehouse Spots in Zomboid
If you go to the west, you have a house by