The End Of Matty Streamer Man’s Final Days

In this article, we’ll be discussing the different types of guns in the game and how to use them effectively. We’ll also be covering how to navigate through a group of zombies, how to lead zombies away from your home, and how to use debug mode to show off end game content. Finally, we’ll be starting a new character and getting back to Muldrow.

The different types of guns in the game and how to use them effectively

Guns are very simple in this game. You hold the gun, have ammo in your inventory, press r to reload, and when it jams you press x to rack it. Aiming and shooting is intuitive – I’m sure you know how to do that. It’s just combat, but ranged.
The End Of Matty Streamer Man's Final Days

However, what I need to tell you is that for the first couple levels, guns are useless. You do not want to do what I’m doing with a shotgun. Do what I’m doing with a much quieter pistol – you’re about to see.

While stealthy firearms are the bee’s knees, and loud firearms are the bee’s stinger, here’s how it went: I found a sizeable group and decided I wanted to show them how welcome they were on my property, the American way. A couple of them understood and promptly left the premises, but the stubborn ones had homies in the trees.

I turn around to gain some distance and reload my shotgun. Bam! A brand new group of trespassers.

The End Of Matty Streamer Man's Final Days
This might have required a bigger gun, but I don’t have a bigger gun. Foolishly, I run past my vehicle. Keep in mind, my car is never turned off – I’ve left it running for this entire escapade.

Watch as I expertly navigate this maze of flesh-heating assailants. I guess my ankles are just built different. I get into my car and drive a bit down the road to keep dragging zombies away from my base. I promised these were my intentions the whole time, not something I wrote in post.

The End Of Matty Streamer Man's Final Days

Further along, I drive, but I realize I may have lost a couple along the way. I just patch a couple more zeds and drive back towards my home. Can you believe how many of these undead were hiding around my building? It’s ridiculous! A man can’t squat in peace anymore!

In my relentless crusade, I decided I would drive the zombies into the woods away from my base. In a brush with the undead, I nearly failed to make it into my car, but as they make a swipe at me, I swipe my keys. Leaving it in, I act on my plan. I lead the zombies through the trees away from my home. It’s simple enough – it should work.

The End Of Matty Streamer Man's Final Days
I need to be sure I gather all the zombies, so just like a burrito at Chipotle, I wrap around and tuck my ingredients tightly together. I’ll bet you’ve never had a burrito like this, unless you’re Hannibal. This looks sufficient.

I could probably get a bit of experience taking pot shots at this horde, but they’re faster than I realize when they swarm my car, almost taking me with it. Screw that! They can have the car. I’d rather walk home alive than drive home.

Oh, oh no, guys! That was guys! That was stupid! What a weird dream am I right, guys? Guys!

Now I’m sort of torn between starting a new challenge run for entertainment purposes or using the debug mode to show off some more end game content, or starting another character with the goal of getting back to Muldrow.

The End Of Matty Streamer Man's Final Days